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Training Programs

Driving Assessments

These are to be carried out over a variety of routes simulating, as close as practicable, the daily work environments of the attendees using their own company vehicle. If required, Excel Drive can provide a vehicle if a company vehicle is not available.

These assessments and training will combine, in a relaxed manner as opposed to tense test conditions, assessing the attendees driving skills and habits, combined with their temperament and attitude. The trainer will coach skills to a standard of competency to be a low-risk driver on the roads.


Excel Drive will incorporate any Office of Public Prosecutions Victoria driving policies into the session and also include any specific on-road incidents that have occurred.


Should the attendee need further training the trainer’s report will identify the skills requiring improvement. If any attendee is deemed not competent or unsafe, Office of Public Prosecutions Victoria will be notified on the day.


The trainer’s recommendations and report will be provided along with any feedback on company vehicles safety requirements.

Theory Sessions

To complement our practical driver training we also offer an engaging group approach to company driver training.  As part of our flexible approach to corporate driver training we offer informative presentations that will mentally stimulate and prepare your staff for the practical driving sessions.

An Excel Drive experienced trainer will run interactive theory sessions in-house or online to meet the needs of your team.

These sessions are not lectures but rather are managed focus groups that are fully interactive with participation by the candidates. Full use of quizzes, videos and discussion maintains interest and motivation throughout the session.

Experience has shown that candidates may feel under less pressure as part of a group and this enhances the learning process. Equally, facilitated discussions with peers can lead to a change of attitude and culture towards driving and road safety. This is an effective and engaging approach to professional driver training that will pay dividends when combined with the practical training.

Custom Training

We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to corporate driver training. That's why we specialise in crafting tailored programs that align with your company's specific requirements.

We're not just providing training; we're partnering with you to enhance the driving skills of your fleet and employees. By gaining insights into your current driving skill levels and understanding the dynamics of your fleet, we will customise a training solution that is right for you. Our commitment is to empower your employees with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the roads safely and efficiently.

Employees learning in classroom
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