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Initiatives & Benfits

Low Risk Driving Initiative



All our defensive training initiatives are based on Low Risk Driving principles, practical skills and developing a culture of safety within your organisation to supplement road-craft and the physical control of vehicles.


Our past experience has shown companies who recognize and implement Low Risk Driving as a basis for training, end up with a consistently higher standard of drivers.


All participants in our Low Risk Driving Training sessions will:

  • Vastly improve their road-craft skills

  • Develop scanning skills and ability to predict situations to avoid accidents

  • Learn to take responsibility for their actions

  • Judge time and space accurately

  • Develop hazard perception skills

  • Be up-to-date with all road rules and drive with consideration for all other road users

  • Recognize risk factors including fatigue and attitude issues

  • Not put themselves in a position where they could be involved in a crash situation

Safer Drivers


Insurance claim figures show that staff driving company vehicles take less care and more risks. Once implemented, the Excel Drive initiative will result in positive results that include:

  • A permanent and ongoing culture of safety within your team

  • A more cooperative and responsible staff ethic

  • Improved occupational health and safety issues resulting in less down time for staff

  • Considerably lower insurance claims; therefore lower insurance costs

  • Improved company brand image

  • Lower maintenance and fuel costs

Importantly, Excel Drive’s experience has shown a marked flow on effect to company employees and their families’ personal safe driving habits outside their working environment. By creating responsible, skilled drivers we help your company keep costs down, improve employee morale and stay safe.  

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