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About Us

Welcome to Excel Drive Corporate Australia, a leader in driver education since our establishment in Melbourne in 1956. Over the years, we've evolved into Australia’s premier National driver trainer, serving learner drivers, state government organisations, and excelling in all facets of National Corporate Driver Training—from standard cars to 4x4 vehicles, and light to heavy trucks.

Our esteemed Principal and CEO, Michael Selby, brings over 40 years of industry expertise. As a dedicated member of the Australian Driver Trainers Association (ADTA) and its various associations nationwide, Michael has actively contributed to the enhancement of driver education. His commitment is underscored by invitations to the Victorian State Government Ministerial Committee for the review of the Victorian Driver Trainer Scheme and participation as a stakeholder in the Federal Government funded Keys2Drive Program in Canberra.

Excel Drive Corporate stands out with a distinguished team of highly qualified and experienced driver trainers specialising in professional driver training at the corporate level. Our comprehensive programs cater to National Corporate Management groups, sales representatives, service teams, fleet drivers, and the hospitality industry.

Our impressive portfolio includes collaborations with renowned companies, such as:

Moreover, we maintain enduring partnerships with over 30 Human Resources Companies across Australia.

We pride ourselves on tailoring personalised criteria to meet the specific needs of companies. From workshops to basic driver assessments, risk management evaluations, and ongoing training, we design corporate driver training programs that align with your corporate objectives and enhance overall safety standards.

Join Excel Drive in shaping a safer and more skilled driving culture. Experience excellence in driver education and corporate driver training that goes beyond expectations.

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